So you manage an arena?
Great lets get started.

We are offering a new type of shinny service, one that hasn't been done before. We believe that shinny is a strong market, one that has a lot of growth potential and revenue generation capabilities. We want to help your arena harness that potential with our web application and mobile app services.

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Free Account

  • Unlimited Shinny Schedule Postings
  • Display your ice rental schedule
  • Unlimited Arenas
  • Unlimited Schedule Administrators
  • All data under one account.
  • Embeddable Schedules
  • Boost shinny & rental sales by connecting with thousands of hockey players in your area
  • Schedule listed on our iPhone/Android App * Coming Soon
  • Priority Email Support

Pay Per Transaction

  • Rent your available ice through us
  • Pre sell shinny passes * Coming Soon

A 5% transactional fee applies to ice rental booking transactions and shinny pass purchases. All funds are then sent to the arena.

Create a Free Account

Shinny Times Features

Unlimited Shinnies

This is the heart of shinny times, your shinny schedule accessible by every one on Shinny Times. We are a #1 in most google searches for cities we have arenas in. Google "hamilton shinny times", you will see us at the top. This could also be you, in your city.

Schedule listed on our Mobile App

This is one of the most powerful features of shinny times, over 50% of our users access our site and data on a mobile phone. Our new mobile application is making the time it takes to figure out a shinny time even less with a tap of a button. We even include the ability to purchase an ice rental from any participating arena directly from inside the app.

Rent your available ice through us

This feature is optional and allows you as the arena to offer your available ice time for purchase on our system. This means more exposure to your target market of hockey players in your city. Enter the hours that are available, set an hourly rate and watch the sales come in.

Pre sell shinny passes

This feature is optional and allows your users to bulk buy shinny passes at a discounted rate. We offer packs of 5, 10 and 20. You decide the discount you want to provide, this will help you capture more guranteed sales and repeat customers.

Unlimited Schedule Administrators

These are sub admin accounts that have the ability to update the shinny schedule. Create these accounts for front desk staff, or other scheduling staff. The main administrator can add/edit/remove these sub admins from the system.

Email Support

Got a question, or not sure how something works? Feel free to email us any time. We respond as quickly as possible.